Founded in 2011, Villapalooza is a free, all-day, all-ages music festival. Drawing both local and international musicians, Villapalooza is one of the fastest growing grassroots music festivals in the city of Chicago. Nearly half of LV residents are under the age of 25 which is the foundation of this grassroots festival.

Villapalooza is the invigorating culmination of all Little Village has to offer. The festival brings together over 30 local artists, 40 musical performances, and the most authentic Mexican flavors our community has to offer.

Each year, Villapalooza attracts over 30,000 attendees across five city blocks on 26th street, the main corridor of the Midwest’s largest Mexican community.



Villapalooza is a collective of Latinx arts organizers dedicated to promoting safe spaces for arts, culture and community engagement. All core leaders have a longstanding relationship with Little Village, as well as a commitment to the development of a thriving youth arts culture in the neighborhood. Villapalooza’s annual festival is a free, all-day, all-ages event held on in Little Village. It is one of Chicago’s most well-attended and diverse grassroots music festivals.


Villapalooza is dedicated to promoting safe spaces for arts, culture, and community engagement. 

We strive to reframe the dominant narrative of Little Village through the development of multiple platforms to showcase local talent and preserve our neighborhood’s cultural identity.



Jevus Contreras Jr
Board President​

Vanessa Sanchez
Board Vice President

Zully Mijangos
Board Treasurer​​

Vicky Cambray
Board Secretary

Deborah Garcia
Board Member​

Mario Hernandez
Board Member
Claudia Rangel
Board Member​

Jerry Reyes
Board Member

Vida Sardena

Board Member

Ray Arroyo

Crew Member

Simone Alexander

Crew Member

Paulina Camacho
Crew Member

Rich Contreras
Crew Member

Salvador 'Greedy' Garcia
Crew Member

​​Izaac Guzman
Crew Member



Silvia Morales

Youth Committee Lead

Alejandro Colunga

Youth Committee Co-Lead

Nataly Hernandez

Youth Committee Member

Marycarmen Hernandez

Youth Committee Member

Ariana Zambrano

Youth Committee Member